New Group On Facebook: Risk Management For Veterinarians


We at Ostdiek Group, Inc. believe strongly that every veterinarian would be well-served by having a Disaster Preparedness Plan for their practice. To that end, we have developed two easy and free options for veterinarians:

  1. A multi-video training course with .pdf downloads and guidance in completing the forms
  2. A Group on Facebook where we share videos and related Risk Management tools, concepts and action items. Join us here.

We have recently added Disaster Preparedness Planning and Risk Management Consulting to our services.  We offer these services at no additional charge to our insurance customers, and we offer the same services on a consulting basis for those clients who would prefer to keep their insurance with other brokers.

We invite business principals to request a free initial phone consultation to determine if our services are a good fit for your business’ bottom line.

If you don’t currently have a good relationship with your insurance agent, or if you are ready for an insurance re-evaluation, call Tom Ostdiek at Ostdiek Group, Inc. 630-834-0125.

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