Health Care Reform Changes For AVMA Members


As health care reform progresses, the American Veterinary Medical Association has made the decision to exit the health insurance market. Unfortunately, New York Life Insurance Company, the underwriter for the A.V.M.A. health plans, decided to no longer underwrite major medical coverage for professional association after 2013 because of the impending federal health care regulations.

What does that mean to you? It means you will have to make a choice or a decision will be made for you by default. But…Don’t panic.

With almost a year to sort out this matter, our clients can remain certain we are watching out for your best interest.  The regulations regarding health care reform are still being written and we are reviewing the information as it comes in.  We are looking at alternative plans for you. Whether you decide to offer your employees group coverage through your clinic or opt for the state insurance exchanges, we will be here to help you with the transition process.

Call now to schedule your insurance review.For our clients currently over 65 and on the A.V.M.A. plan, we  are able to assist you with a supplement or Medicare Advantage plan. Call now to schedule your insurance review.There is time to sort the medical insurance questions out.  Stay ahead of the game and make your appointment with us today so we can focus on your risk management and you can focus on your practice. Current insurance clients click here for appointment. If you are not currently an insurance client of ours and would like to schedule a consultation, please click here.

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