Disaster Plan For Veterinary Clinics: Are You and Your Staff Prepared?


As business owners and responsible adults, we do everything we know to conduct business in a manner that is productive while mitigating liability. When a veterinarian takes in the beloved pet of a client, the vet’s intentions are noble: help the animal get healthier so it can return home as soon as is safe to do so.

But, what happens if, while that animal is in your facility overnight, there is a storm that destroys the facility?  Do you have a contingency or disaster plan in place?  Do you and your staff know just what to do and in what steps in order to mitigate damages to life and property?

Ostdiek Group, Inc. works with veterinarians and their business managers to ensure they are informed as to worst-case-scenarios and how to reduce liability.  We offer resources to help you better prepare for an emergency in your business.  Start your free training here.

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