High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plans

In addition to Original Medicare Parts A and B, a Medicare supplement Insurance (Medigap) plan is a great way to fill the gaps. While plans are standardized in each state for easy comparison, prices for Medigap plans can vary greatly between coverages and carriers. One way to save on premium cost is to purchase a […]

Medicare for Veterans

Veterans covered by the VA or TRICARE have a decision to make when it comes to enrolling in Medicare at age 65. Let’s dig deeper into the options that are available and what to look out for when planning for Medicare coverage. Do I need Medicare? TRICARE beneficiaries who qualify for premium-free Part A are […]

Medicare To No Longer Use Social Security Numbers As Policy Identifiers

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Identity theft has been a valid concern for most of us. Not just online scams, but theft of postal mail of older Americans turned many watchdogs to prevention years ago. As a result, most private insurance companies discontinued the use of Social Security numbers as an identifier on policies and statements. Medicare, however, has continued […]

New Group On Facebook: Risk Management For Veterinarians

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We at Ostdiek Group, Inc. believe strongly that every veterinarian would be well-served by having a Disaster Preparedness Plan for their practice. To that end, we have developed two easy and free options for veterinarians: A multi-video training course with .pdf downloads and guidance in completing the forms A Group on Facebook where we share […]

Health Care Reform Changes For AVMA Members

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As health care reform progresses, the American Veterinary Medical Association has made the decision to exit the health insurance market. Unfortunately, New York Life Insurance Company, the underwriter for the A.V.M.A. health plans, decided to no longer underwrite major medical coverage for professional association after 2013 because of the impending federal health care regulations. What […]

Affordable Cheeseburger Act

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I enjoy a good cheeseburger. I like a quarter pound of good ground beef and a slice of American cheese on a whole wheat bun. I’m not interested in tomatoes, onions, lettuce or anything else on my cheeseburger. When I go out for lunch once a week to my favorite little diner, they are so […]

Before The Next Disaster Hits, Prepare Now

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If Hurricane Sandy taught us anything, it is that we are each on our own. Whether it is a natural disaster or a man-made mess, when the crisis’s hits, you are on your own.  This may seem heartless, but it is reality. The New York area was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and people are struggling […]

Disaster Plan For Veterinary Clinics: Are You and Your Staff Prepared?

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As business owners and responsible adults, we do everything we know to conduct business in a manner that is productive while mitigating liability. When a veterinarian takes in the beloved pet of a client, the vet’s intentions are noble: help the animal get healthier so it can return home as soon as is safe to […]

Medicare And Medicare Supplements: Understanding The Difference

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Understanding Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance In recent media coverage about Medicare, I’ve noticed some confusion about Medicare and Medicare Supplements.  Each is a type of insurance, but Medicare is primary and the supplement is, well, just what the name implies: supplemental to the primary Medicare insurance. When you have received medical services that are […]

Medicare Premiums – Beware Of Deceptive E-Mail With Political Slant

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As is always the case in an election year, hot topics are regularly used as canon fodder. One such hot topic is Medicare. The deceptive letter below is making the rounds via e-mail on the letterhead of Blue Cross of Alabama, appearing official until you notice the political commentary. The information in the e-mail regarding premium […]