Medicare Services: The Premiums for 2018

Embed from Getty Images — Centers for Medicare Services has released the 2018 premium numbers. You can find them here: Medicare Part A The deductible will increase to $1340.00, an increase of $24.00. The premium for the skilled nursing benefits will increase $3.00 per day to $167.50 for days 21-100. Medicare Part B The … Read more

Medicare and You: Official Video Series Explaining Medicare Parts, Benefits, and More

Following are videos sharing important information about Medicare. The first explains the different parts of Medicare coverage. . . Learn about the different ways you can get Medicare coverage. . . Important information about deciding whether to sign up for Medicare Part B. . . ***Disclaimer: The Ostdiek Group and offer a service and … Read more

What is High Deductible Plan F and how Does it Work?

Embed from Getty Images — A High Deductible Plan F (HDF) policy provides all the features and benefits of a standard Plan F, but at a substantially lower premium. A calendar-year deductible, set by the federal government, applies. The deductible is $2200.00 for 2017. Under Medicare Part B, there is a $183.00 annual deductible for … Read more

What are the differences between regular “Plan F” and “High Deductible Plan F”?

What are the differences between regular “Plan F” and “High Deductible Plan F”? High Deductible Plan F has a deductible of $2,110.00 for calendar year 2013. Benefits from the High Deductible Supplement Plan F will not begin until your out-of-pocket expenses total $2110.00. With Plan F, there is no out-of-pocket expense for this annual deductible. … Read more

New Group on Facebook: Risk Management for Veterinarians

  We at Ostdiek Group, Inc. believe strongly that every veterinarian would be well-served by having a Disaster Preparedness Plan for their practice. To that end, we have developed two easy and free options for veterinarians: A multi-video training course with .pdf downloads and guidance in completing the forms A Group on Facebook where we … Read more