Changes in Your Life May Warrant Changes in Your Insurance

Life happens. Sometimes fast and not aligned with our plan.  You’re resilient; you can adapt! Is your insurance changing with your life? If you don’t know for certain, it is time to re-evaluate.

Insurance products are designed to provide coverage for life’s unexpected happenings. With the changes that have taken place in your life recently, it may be time to re-evaluate your insurance policies:  What are your goals? Do you have the right policies for your needs? Do you have enough coverage?

If your insurance broker hasn’t contacted you personally in the last year, call us at Ostdiek Group, Inc.: We will be happy to discuss your big-picture insurance goals and coverage.

Tom Ostdiek, President and Broker at Ostdiek Group, Inc., is licensed for various categories of insurance in multiple states.  If you don’t currently have a good relationship with your insurance agent, or if you are ready for an insurance re-evaluation, call Tom Ostdiek at Ostdiek Group, Inc. 630-834-0125, or e-mail