Medicare Services: The Premiums for 2018

Embed from Getty Images — Centers for Medicare Services has released the 2018 premium numbers. You can find them here: Medicare Part A The deductible will increase to $1340.00, an increase of $24.00. The premium for the skilled nursing benefits will increase $3.00 per day to $167.50 for days 21-100. Medicare Part B The … Read more

What is High Deductible Plan F and how Does it Work?

Embed from Getty Images — A High Deductible Plan F (HDF) policy provides all the features and benefits of a standard Plan F, but at a substantially lower premium. A calendar-year deductible, set by the federal government, applies. The deductible is $2200.00 for 2017. Under Medicare Part B, there is a $183.00 annual deductible for … Read more

Medicare and Medicare Supplements: Understanding the Difference

Understanding Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance In recent media coverage about Medicare, I’ve noticed some confusion about Medicare and Medicare Supplements.  Each is a type of insurance, but Medicare is primary and the supplement is, well, just what the name implies: supplemental to the primary Medicare insurance. When you have received medical services that are … Read more

Medicare Premiums – Beware of Deceptive E-Mail with Political Slant

As is always the case in an election year, hot topics are regularly used as canon fodder. One such hot topic is Medicare. The deceptive letter below is making the rounds via e-mail on the letterhead of Blue Cross of Alabama, appearing official until you notice the political commentary. The information in the e-mail regarding premium … Read more